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Randall Dang is an accountant and business consultant who works and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with over 20 years of industry experience. When he’s not crunching numbers, Dang is enjoys a diverse list of interests! This blog will serve as Randall Dang’s personal interests where you’ll get up-to-date posts about everything he likes – from sports to the arts to pop culture – it’ll keep you entertained and you’ll learn more about Dang.

Since Canada’s national sports consist of lacrosse in the summer and hockey in the winter, it makes sense that Dang is a diehard hockey fan who follows the Vancouver Canucks when the hockey season is in full swing. On top of that, when the hockey season wraps up, Dang likes to watch lacrosse games in the summer. However, lacrosse and hockey aren’t his only favorite sports, he loves the New York Yankees and make his best attempt to attend games when he can.

When Dang isn’t catching up on the latest sporting events, you can find him visiting local art museums, galleries and exhibits where he enjoys the works of local artists as well as prominent art figures. On top of that, Dang is a fan of pop culture, music, the latest Hollywood blockbusters and politics! Additionally, Dang says nothing is better than kicking back and relaxing while listening to a few good vinyl records by artists like Ella Fitzgerald and catching a few laughs from Woody Allen stand up acts.

If you want to learn more about Dang’s interest, be sure to check back to this blog for the latest entertaining posts.